About Us

Violeta was born out of the desire to create a haven for artists seeking to be part of an innovative system.

Our community consists of creative minds with a singular purpose—to craft pieces that are not just aesthetically interesting but thoughtful and with a meaningful message. Violeta was founded on the principle of acknowledging the profound responsibility we hold for the creations we bring into the world.

For us, art as we see it, is not pretentious; it is and should always be an open dialogue.

In our journey, we continually seek a space where egos are set aside, inviting co-creation that recognizes the significance of each team member and their respective role. We’re not in the business of chasing profits; we’re artisans dedicated to infusing emotion into every project we undertake. Beyond being a mere production machine, we aspire to curate conscious projects addressing relevant issues.

This is not an individualistic endeavor but a collective initiative designed for individuals adept at working collaboratively. As a boutique production company, we prioritize maintaining close relationships with the artists and clients while adeptly managing projects of all scales.

Violeta serves as a secure haven for those daring to express themselves and share their voice. No project is too small or too big, as long as there exists a deep connection with the thing we believe in.

In recognizing the urgent need for a safe space for women where they are free from risk, Violeta proudly stands as a certified, female owned, and operated entity – a testament to our commitment to diversity, creativity, and a new way of doing things.

Welcome to the revolution.

– VF